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The hosts at Húsatóftir 2a


The owners of Hestakráin are husband and wife Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson and Ástrún Davíðson.

Aðalsteinn was born and raised at Húsatóftir - his family has lived there since 1879. Aðalsteinn and Ástrún started their own farming thirty years ago. They have over two hundred sheep and around one hundred horses.
The house where Hestakráin is situated was used for fox breeding. Aðalsteinn and Ástrún were engaged in fox breeding for the fur industry until 1991. In 1998 the house was rebuild into a modern country inn and was given the name Hestakráin - The Equestrian Inn".

With a good reputation since 1987, Aðalsteinn and Ástrún also manage a horse rental operation, Land&hestar, on their farm. They offer different horse-riding tours, from 1 hour up to 6 days tours around their own vicinity and also way up into the highlands of Southern Iceland.
In Hestakráin our main focus is to serve good Icelandic food and provide personal service. All served lamb is from our own farm and the vegetables come from the nearby villages of Flúdir and Laugarás.

We look forward to seeing you.