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"RÉTTIR" – (SHEEP ROUND UP) – 11.09.2010
In the beginning of September is the sheep round up of Reykjaréttir (or Skeiðaréttir) which is the gathering of the people in the district of Flóinn and Skeiðir. There is a lot of things going on in Hestakráin during the round up. From noon and during the day, we offer a delicious meat soup, guitar and singing all day long. In the evening is a real “réttarball”, a ball where people celebrate the sheep round up.

Every autumn the so called "Fjallmenn" (The tough riders) meet to settle up their trip on the mountains to fetch the sheep herd. Many prizes are given, such as the Shepherd, the greatest Hulk, the best tenor etc. Singing performances, rime contest, story tales and more spectacles. This is an event that all cultivators of the Icelandic sheep and real "Fjallmenn" shouldn’t miss.
- More information announced later.

This ball has been held yearly at Hestakráin since it was first opened. The person who has the coolest hat wins a special prize. One can see a lot of amazing hats specially made for this occation, so the prizes are pretty great: A 3-day riding tour with The princesses or The Vikings with Land & Hestar. You can’t miss that!
The "Hattaball" will be held January 1, 2011. The house will open at 10pm.
- More information announced later.